Sobo7 demo reel breakdown

Titanic - compositor. full sky replacement.
Hard Rain - match move supervisor. sky and church steeple replacement, rain enhancement.
Speed Racer - compositor. full cg shot with stylized 2d rendering.
The Patriot - compositor. smoke enhancement, soldier duplication.
The Scorpion King - compositor. "telescope crystal" look.
Matrix Reloaded - lead compositor. bluescreen actors with full cg environment.
Catwoman - vfx supervisor/compositor. 2d push in with cg glass transition to 2d jewelry.
End of Days - compositor/matte painter. multiplane city construction and matte painting.
The Faculty - compositor. tongue addition.
Vanilla Sky - compositor. billboard/tv addition.
Waterworld - matchmover. cg water addition.
Matrix Revolutions - sequence supervisor/compositor. bluescreen smith with cg/2d background.
Matrix Reloaded - lead compositor. bluescreen car, 3d environment, smash enhancement.
Speed Racer - compositor. full CG environment.
Stuart Little - compositor. cat face replacement.
300 - dfx supervisor/compositor. cg foreground/wheat, greenscreen actors, multilayer matte painting.
Final Destination 3 - vfx supervisor. spark/debris addition, miniature sweetening.
Rose Red - compositor. ghost addition.
61* - compositor. split-screen, shadow integration.
The Grinch - compositor. re-timing, colour-correction.
Monkeybone - compositor. dream globe look design and addition.
Space Jam - match move supervisor/compositor. duck and dog addition.
Monkeybone - compositor. bluescreen monkey integration.
Vanilla Sky - compositor. billboard and video addition.
The Patriot - compositor. soldiers cloned from 12 individuals.
The Librarian - vfx supervisor. set extension, giant stone head & debris addition.
Catwoman - vfx supervisor/compositor. reflection addition.
Final Destination 3 - vfx supervisor. full cg coaster, cars, people.
The Scorpion King - compositor. sandstorm addition, foreground shrubbery removal.
Monkeybone - compositor. cg "monkey in dress" gag added.
The Librarian - vfx supervisor/compositor. making actors fall through floor.
The Grinch - compositor. re-timing, colour-correction.
Tomorrow Never Dies - matchmove supervisor/compositor. cg building extension and billboard addition.
300 - dfx supervisor/compositor. set extension and CC using multiple layers.
The Patriot - compositor. all soldiers cg. smoke/cannon addition, sky enhancement.
Matrix Reloaded - lead compositor. 2d trinity/agent plus reflection passes. cg building/debris/weapon fire.
Vanilla Sky - compositor. monitor inserts.
Matrix Revolutions - sequence lead. pipeline design for 2d/3d city/sky/lightning.
Catwoman - vfx supervisor. full cg city environment.
The Scorpion King - compositor. horsemen addition, smoke/fire addition.
Elektra - vfx supervisor/compositor. cg building and volumetric clouds over 2d plate.
Fantastic Four - senior compositor. flame addition, set extension.
The 13th Warrior - compositor. matte-painting village addition.
Sphere - sequence supervisor. on-set supervision, full cg environment, look development, cg light beams, greenscreen actors.
Event Horizon - match-move supervisor. set extension and floating object addition.
Catwoman - vfx supervisor. matte-painting transitions to full 3d environment.
Fantastic Four - senior compositor. set extension, sky replacement, forcefield design and addition.
Monkeybone - compositor. multi-pass miniature hand with cg environment.